Nucleus CMS Review

nucleuscmsIf you are searching for a suitable CMS platform that enacts in a lightweight manner (while completing the tasks), allow me to introduce you to Nucleus CMS. There are certain requirements expected from a content management system. Some of them include stable operation without compromising the integrity of the website and ease of maintenance of the website. The learning curve must not be steep either. Nucleus CMS fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria. Web administrators often consider this software package for swiftly creating good-looking dynamic websites. The vantages that are in store for you if you opt for Nucleus CMS will be highlighted in the rest of the sections.

The present generation of web administrators always looks out for plug-ins. Luckily Nucleus CMS comes with an assortment of plug-ins. The administrators can include the plug-ins with the core Nucleus CMS package and hence, augment the functionality of their website. Incorporating additional blogs to a primary blog is a feature that is natively available in Nucleus CMS. Not only can you include them, now you can execute the maintenance of all the associated blogs from a single-window interface. This routine will prove to be highly advantageous to administrators because visitors might flock in the related blogs too.

Do not confuse yourself when you see “multiple authors” in the official Nucleus CMS documentation. Multiple authors merely mean multiple users. As the administrator of the website, you can allocate duties to these users. Posting of newer content to attract visitors and maintaining an error free environment is easy with Nucleus CMS. Instead of posting random content in the website, you can now post them under suitable categories. This will impart additional flexibility to the visitor as they can visit the categories that suit their temperaments.

Provision to allow comments on the posts can be found with other CMS platforms too. Nucleus CMS takes blog-post commenting to the next level by incorporating “karma based voting” mechanisms. If B likes the comment posted by A, then B can vote for that particular comment; thus effectively increasing the rating of the post! Creating search engine friendly URLs has been a menace for most of the website administrators. You can now bid goodbye to all those paradigms because with the help of Nucleus CMS, search engine friendly URLs can be created on the fly. A diligent administrator will also try to include visitor friendly URLs (so that the visitors can memorize them easily).

The archiving and caching facility present on Nucleus CMS could satisfy the requirements of power users who maintain websites that get millions of unique hits every day. Drafting the posts so that they can be posted eventually is another feature present in Nucleus CMS. You can also enable RSS and XML feeds to deliver newer content directly to the email inboxes of the subscribers. Troublesome posters can be found everywhere on the internet. Stall them by blacklisting their IP addresses. The server configurations required for running Nucleus CMS is minimal. Do check out the ever-increasing comprehensive list of plug-ins for Nucleus CMS.

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