TypePad Review

Typepad logoTypePad is a powerful blogging platform that works a little different than other blog creation sites. It is a subscription based system meaning that it is not free, which distinguishes Typepad from Blogger or WordPress.com. Users choose a monthly package from three choices, the Plus package, the Unlimited, and the Business Class. Prices range from $8.95 to $14.95 to $89.95 per month. A fourteen-day trial offer is available but you still must provide billing information and your subscription ends only if you cancel the service. Even though it is not free, TypePad is still considered one of the most popular blogging sites.

Following are listed some of the reasons why users like TypePad and reasons why they dislike it.


  • Considered a professional level blogging system. In fact, it is being used by some of the biggest and major, well-known corporations.
  • Because you have to pay, there is plenty of support including an online chat for help. This is probably one of the most important features of TypePad. In addition to written documentation, you may submit a support ticket and a proper answer will be provided since the company provides 24-7 assistance.
  • Creates beautiful looking blogs with thousands of available designs. Interface is simple, letting you create a page in a matter of minutes. Drag and drop features, post scheduling, video creation, and spam protection are all benefits of the packages.
  • Can send posts from email or cell phone.
  • Can use your own domain name through its mapping feature. Website is hosted in a secure data center.
  • Can set blog to automatically ping other sites when a new post is made or new content added. All content is search engine ready.
  • The Unlimited and Business Class packages allow you to create an unlimited number of blogs.
  • Can be configured to work nicely with PayPal, Google, Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Twitter and Feedburner.
  • One of the nice things about having to pay for these blogs is that the spammers are deterred from using the site. They are not going to pay just to set up a few crummy links. And you might ask yourself, what that has to with you or how it affects your website? The truth is users tend to migrate away from systems that are loaded with spammers. If a site is known to be a hub for dishonest webmasters, it hurts everyone.
  • Even though you have to pay monthly, the costs are relatively inexpensive for what you receive. Basically TypePad is a host with lots of added features and benefits.


  • It is always a serious concern when you do not control your own property. Specifically, what happens to you and your content if the company goes out of business, is sold to someone else, or you delete your blog by mistake? While the same could be asked of other hosting companies, at least you have your own backups on your hard drive. It may be a pain to migrate everything to a new server, but in fact you have not totally lost your business forever. TypePad does give a detailed explanation of backing everything up but admits that certain things cannot be backed-up and the main content is available in a plain-text file which is going to be difficult to use should you have to move servers.

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