How to start using Dom4J

The video is a little bit of a mediocre quality; but the author makes a great and simple tutorial to get you started with Dom4J!

  • 00:20 How to download and start using dom4j?
  • 00:50 How to use dom4j in a java project?
  • 01:40 How to use dom4j to generate xml?
  • 03:00 How to add elements using dom4j?
  • 04:10 How to use dom4j to create a document?
  • 04:30 How to add text to an element in dom4j?
  • 05:30 How to format xml when using dom4j?

How to correctly embed a YouTube video in your site

This is a pretty good resource by tipswithpunch. He runs you through the details of embedding a YouTube video in your HTML in the right way. It’s easy, simple – but mainly; it’s important you do it correctly to make it display in a good way on your site for all your visitors; whether they are using a browser or a mobile phone!