About Us

Today is a good day to start your very own website, and you’ve landed on the right website. On dom4j.org, we’ve created (and are always creating!) the best possible starting point for anyone looking to get into the fields of website creation, HTMLPHPJavascriptInternet MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationVarious types of web hostingbloggingphoto editing in Photoshop and a lot more.

about us computerObviously, we’re not the only web site on the internet with this goal – but we do strive to be the best. With weekly additions, a dedicated team of people constantly updating and improving parts of the site; and a community behind us that assists us with stuff we don’t know ourselves, we feel like we have the recipe for a good site.

Our Web Hosting information database is one we’re particularly proud of. We’re not in the business of referring you to hosts that pay us the most money for your business – we pledged to stay unbiased at any time, and provide you with information; not sales pitches.

Our website does have advertising, off course. The main reason for it is we are trying to cover the costs of running our website. Yxymedia, a Belgian internet business and owner of this site (check out our blog, will you?), has chosen to go for a blend-in, inobtrusive way of implementing Pay-Per-Click advertising and mild Affiliate Advertising. If you have any questions regarding this, you can check our privacy policy statement or contact us via e-mail.

We have a more detailed overview of the contents of our website right here; check it out if you’re looking for a simple one-page map of our site!

If at any point you feel like asking us a question you can’t find on the site – or have trouble with anything else: get in touch with us through our contact page; we won’t bite!

The guys behind the website

We don’t want to turn this website into an ad-filled coloring book. We would like to shout out to some of the people who helped develop this site and help fund it on a yearly basis ever since 2010. Today; the biggest contributors to the site are Sander Jonen, Hannes Vleminckx, Bert Geens and Tom Lauwers. We all live in Belgium and The Netherlands; and meet weekly on Discord for old times sake. Shoot us an e-mail if you’d like to participate – we don’t bite!