b2evolution Review

b2evolutionThe number of open source content management systems is on the rise. b2evolution is one such platform that is embraced by many web administrators to host their websites. Like the other competing CMS platforms, the end-user is provided with an assortment of features in b2evolution.

One of the best advantages that are often touted in the geek circles is the ease of installation of b2evolution in a particular web space. The need to edit the configuration files is absent in this platform and this makes the b2evolution an ideal CMS platform for novice web administrators. However, never underestimate the capabilities of this open source web publishing software package.

Hosting a blog that has a high number of unique visitors might seem like a lucrative affair to the aspiring web entrepreneurs. They do not realize that certain kinds of spammers are always on the lookout for such blogs. They will post links to their websites as comments on the blog with the sole intention of boosting their page ranking. The diligent web administrators always avoid these spammers by including additional plug-ins. With b2evolution, spamming is history! Flagging a spammer (with the aid of his unique IP address) will alert the rest of the blogs utilizing the same platform. In effect, the spammer will not be able to post any links on blogs and websites that use b2evolution.

Support for scores of blogs along with an equal number of domains and sub-domains is natively in built on b2evolution. Themes are known as skins in this CMS platform. Umpteen numbers of skins are available on the internet, and you can use one of them for your website. One of the best aspects of b2evolution is the micro management of skins with the aid of custom settings and widgets. Yes, you can unleash various kinds of unique widgets on your website via b2evolution.

The commenting system has also been revamped on the latest flavors of b2evolution. Just like some other competing web publishing packages, the users can now vote for their favorite comments. This augments the user experience, as they will begin to partake actively by posting comments. You can also keep a watch over the trackbacks for your website. A well-developed archiving system is in place with b2evolution. Searching the archives has also been simplified to a large extent in this publishing platform. You can enable tags on the blog posts to increase the search engine friendly nature of the website.

If you lack time, you can appoint a few users to post innovative and interesting content on the blog. Each user will have a certain set of rights and the visitors can contact them individually. Some web administrators often tend to include humorous elements on their blog, if it is composed in b2evolution. For instance, funny 404 error messages can be displayed to the visitors if they click non-existent links on your website. The plug-ins can also enhance the overall look and feel of your website. Did I forget to mention that b2evolution has passed the W3C web standard?

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