JavaScript is a really neat scripting language that anyone can use. Not to be confused with the programming language Java, JavaScript can be found all over the internet, and does not require a programmer for its use. Because it is so easy to write and use, there are literally thousands of available applications that can be downloaded free of charge and used by website owners.

javascriptIt is truly remarkable what JS can achieve for the website owner, as well as the broad functionality it gives a website. To give you an idea of JavaScript’s wide powers, here is a brief list of possible uses.

  • Can be used in the “head” section of HTML to load alternate pages or popunders and popovers. The JS tells the server or browser what page to display, how to display it, and issues time delays. So let’s say you want to provide more info to new users. You make a dialogue box for registering for a free book. The JavaScripting will tell the server to get that box, then the browser will load the box on the top of the homepage in the middle, ten seconds after the original page has loaded.
  • It is used to detect browsers when code is not common between browsers. For example, certain functions work in Internet Explorer but do not display the same in Mozilla Firefox. In order to keep the website page usable for all visitors, JavaScript will determine which browser is being used, and then the server will provide the associated page to the user.
  • JS can validate forms in order to make your sales processing much smoother. Let’s say you sell a tangible item that must be shipped to the customer. When the customer enters their data, they might forget one digit of their credit card number. The JavaScript enables the page to send back an error message. Likewise with missed numbers on a Zip Code.
  • JavaScript is useful for sites that have just launched a sale on their products, or there is only a limited amount of time left to sign up for an event. By using JS, a scrolling message can be displayed to users on the browser status bar.

Basically what JS does is it makes a page dynamic in a way. It can execute directly through the browser. And chances are if you think you need a particular function to make your website performance more modern, you only need to go to the many websites that offer free scripts. Search out the JavaScript section and you will find hundreds of scripts with demos and descriptions of their purposes. There is no need for you to understand programming nor is there any need for you to hire expensive developers.Indeed, if we wanted to provide all the possible uses of JavaScript, we would need to write a very lengthy book. And because JS is so simple, just because you cannot write code does not mean that you will not be able to modify the JS for your purpose. Most people who write these pieces of code will even tell you how to change the elements since you may need different time specs on your website or different sized boxes for instance.

JavaScript is certainly one of the most versatile and useful scripts on the internet!

Tutorials – Resources

We are planning to add our own tutorials to this page as soon as we possibly can, but in the mean time, these are some excellent articles over at, the home for Javascript Developers.