Do you want to make your very own website?

The internet is great. Twenty years ago – people had a hard time getting their views, their opinions, their photos or even their videos out further than their nearest friends. Reaching thousands of people was something only celebrities or media people could. Today, thanks to the internet – everyone can. This website will help you set up your own website, and we’ll do it absolutely free. Thanks to our site, you’ll have your own web page up and running in no time!

create websiteWhat we’ll do…

  • Give you (or link you to) some great resources on HTML.
  • Explain how you can use free internet resources to make your free website.
  • Tell you about the basics of PHP, a great and free programming language that’ll help the computer-savvy between you busy making great stuff for year!
  • Learn you how to make a little extra money from your website.
  • Point you in the direction of the best hosting companies, the greatest e-services and the right consultants.
  • Show you what blogging is all about, and what pieces of software do the job best!
  • We’ll even show you how to start your own online business, and give you pointers on as many details as possible!

What we’ll charge…

Absolutely nothing! Our website is 100% free, and we try to endorse services that are just as free. When we do point out to paid services, we’ll justify every single penny!

Getting Started

Jump right in and get your hands dirty. On the right side of the website you’ll see loads of links to informative pages both on our website and on the internet. Read, try out, learn!

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