Adult Web Hosting

Adult Web Hosting differs from all other types because of the many concerns associated with it, legal, financial and ethical.

adult web hostingNeedless to say, the adult oriented nature of this field attracts some controversy and a great many web hosts refuse to allow such sites on their servers. So many webmasters don’t even check the terms or service for their hosts and wind up being shut down, often just when traffic starts to pick up.

To avoid such failure, a lot of things must be considered, and we feel it’s best to consider these things beforehand!

  1. First, and foremost, ensure that your site/s are being hosted on a server in a country that legally allows it. Limitless implications can arise from running your adult site in jurisdictions that do not permit it.
  2. Secondly, ensure that all your content is legal. You could go to jail if it isn’t, depending on where you live. Find out about the laws in your own country, and those where you intend to host your site, and make sure that you comply with them all.
  3. Don’t try to host your site on servers that don’t allow it. More often than not, they will catch you and may even report you to the authorities where you are. Like anything else in a business, why leave it up to chance unnecessarily?
  4. Adult web hosting often costs considerably more than hosts that disallow such content due to its inherent risks, and the expense of ensuring legality. Some hosting companies still offer reasonable rates, however.

The positive side to the online adult industry is that it is in ever growing demand. People interested in such sites often subscribe to a great many and there are lot more individuals interested in such content than you might, initially, think. Since adult websites are often subscriber based, you need your users to come back. Like any other site, this can only be achieved by keeping your site as reliable as possible so that your clients feel that they are getting their money’s worth. Clients of this type are particularly impatient with downtime, delays etc. Invest the money in keeping your site up and running 24/7.

Finally, adult content gets old, pretty fast, so be sure you can keep up with updating it. Ensure that your host allows you enough bandwidth to keep up with uploading new picture and video content, as well as serving that content to your users. Some adult hosts just allow adult content, and don’t offer the real services needed. Premium adult hosts do so much more! When my buddy Thomas first launched his sex stories website Amora London; he got so much traffic at his “Adult Host” they slapped him with a Fair Use Policy breach; even though in this niche – traffic is normal. He had to move hosts and lost years worth of hosting fees in income. Long story short: shortcuts don’t work!

In summary, an adult entertainment site is considerably more difficult to maintain, and profit from, as a webmaster but the potential is great. If great care is taken in preparations at the beginning this niche can provide lucrative income for those webmasters daring enough to venture into it – as long as they do so carefully, and prepared.