WordPress (Self-Hosted) Review

Wordpress logoWordPress is a leading “web publishing platform”. Many website administrators effectively deploy the same on their websites. In fact, the user base of administrators who seek the aid of this platform is always in the rise. The following sections serve as an introduction to WordPress – certain advantages of the same platform will also be discussed extensively. The rise of the internet paved the way to the rapid development and utilization of web technologies. All of a sudden, the masses started to create websites, as if there is no tomorrow. Ease of use was one of their primitive requirements. Needless to state but mastering WordPress is a simple and straightforward process.

During the earlier days, people concentrated on paid solutions for publishing their websites. With the introduction of WordPress in 2003, the scenario changed drastically. WordPress was offered as a free alternative. Since the platform included advanced capabilities, many started to embrace it. Even on this day, WordPress is free for the taking – and quite a few professional bloggers like Bert Geens enjoy this open source blogging platform in their search for e-money. Starting a website that utilizes WordPress has become a non-brainy function. You just have to pay for hosting your website. Once you have access to web space, you will have to download the WordPress package. After making suitable alterations to this Open Source offering, you can re-upload it to your web space.

The internet minions also liked the fact that every aspect of a WordPress enabled website can be customized. In simpler terms, the platform caters to the requirements of the commoners and the power users making money off their blog – in the same manner. The novice internet users might be confused about the true usefulness of WordPress. Even today, many hold the notion that it is meant for blogging. Keeping in tune with the changing perspectives, it has now evolved into a complete content management system.

Due to the Open Source tag associated with WordPress, there are literally millions of plug-ins, themes and even widgets to aid any average web administrator. Is there any limitation to this web-publishing platform? No. Yes, only your inventiveness is going to affect the productivity of WordPress! For instance, if you are in doubt, you can always consult the official documentation. If you find the concepts to be too hard, you can seek the assistance of the widespread open source community. Post your query in the official forums and you will be able to learn many finer aspects of WordPress from advanced users. A recent initiative known as WordCamp was started to suffice the requirements of the novice WordPress users.

Here is a low down for the “techies” – PHP and MySQL energize WordPress. Many hosting providers endorse WordPress solely due to the robustness exhibited by it. The robust nature of this software platform lowers the hardware requirement of the web-hosting provider significantly. Most of the web-hosting providers’ offers one-touch WordPress installation services. Once installed, you can access the primary control panel using a username and password. Almost all the core aspects of the website can be tweaked in this control panel. Just try it and you will be acknowledging the usefulness of WordPress in no time!

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