The Importance of having a Privacy Policy on your website

Anyone who has ever browsed the internet knows that many websites contain Privacy Policies. Although there currently is no law mandating the inclusion of Privacy Policies for internet sites, they are very important. Just as important in fact as your Terms and Conditions, Site Map and About Us pages.

Over the past few years, internet spam has become an annoying and progressive problem for many consumers. Because internet users are now concerned about having their personal information scattered about, the inclusion of a Privacy Policy on your website has become a very important factor. Internet users are now, more than ever, concerned about who sees their information and how their personal information may be used when they visit your site. They want to ensure that their identifying information will not be sold or used in any marketing efforts that they have not solicited personally.

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How much money does my web site have to make before going Pro?

Webmasters start an online business with the intent of earning some extra cash to pay bills or making a full-time living. Others want to speak about their passions and decide to work on a website to meet people with the same hobbies. And often times, these hobby sites can become serious online enterprises.

Business FundingBut the same question remains for many web property owners. How much money does my web site have to make before going Pro? Here we define “pro” as having a legally registered business entity and leaving a job to work on the site full-time.

In broad terms, the amount of money you “must” make from your website to go pro is different depending on the individual and where the business is located. There is no magic number to which everyone should aspire. But in specific terms, there are several considerations that webmasters should review when deciding to go pro or not.

First, let’s look at leaving your job to maintain your website. The amount of money that you require is at least the same amount you receive from your employer. You must be able to replace your current earnings. But for some people, even that may not be enough.

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