SEO Web Hosting

SEO Web Hosting is a new service offered by a few hosting companies that employs a new form of search engine optimization. Certain search engines use geographic location to affect their rankings. This means that the location of the server of website, relative to the location of the user doing the search, is taken into account. For example, if a user in Canada searches for a shopping website, the search engine will check (via IP address) the location of the e-retailers, returned by the search query, and put them in order based on location. In such a scenario, retailers in Canada would come first, probably followed by those in the U.S., with those in Europe, China, and other more distant countries ranking lower. In internet environment, this would keep some very good websites down simply because they happen to be hosted far from a portion of their target market. This is where SEO Web Hosting can help according to experts like SEOverzicht.

web hostingSince the search engines use IP address to determine the location of the server, companies have employed technology that enables a single website to be hosted across multiple IP addresses in different countries, through manipulation of multiple name servers, allowing them to rank highly in searches made in a vast majority of countries. This technology, however, does not usually come cheap due to the great expense associated with such a venture.

Servers need to be acquired in numerous countries (here’s more info on why you want to host on various c-class IP’s), and tech support teams need to be employed to maintain, and upgrade, them as necessary. Overhead costs associated with power consumption and taxes, in the respective countries, also drive up costs. This type of web hosting is therefore more common among large companies with big budgets that can afford the expenditure, and to whom such an investment would turn a significant profit.

Packages of this nature vary depending on the amount of dedicated IP addresses required, the countries covered and miscellaneous expenses. A few companies do offer relatively affordable packages to smaller businesses seeking to tap into this under-used type of search engine optimization. When used in combination with other, more common, SEO techniques, clients can break into previously unavailable markets by being readily visible to search engine users in new target countries. These users provide potential income and would probably never have known of the business due to the geographical favouritism employed by search engines.

Consider the possibilities for an American retailer trying to break into the European markets, and vice versa. Or an advertising funded media-oriented site seeking to expand its horizons internationally. Although, rather expensive, if a company/individual can afford the investment into this unique field it can pay-off rapidly through increased traffic to websites and subsequent increases in sales, or ad revenue.