Why Get Your Own Domain Name For Your Website?

Picking out the right domain name for your website can be a daunting task. The others have already taken most of the domain names, and you will have to experiment with random names before selecting one among them. Before you venture out into the wilderness, allow me to ask you a simple query – what is the necessity to own a domain name? Why should you pay for the domain name when there are plenty of free web hosting providers who are more than willing to provide you with a custom domain name of your choice?

Domain NameI will start from the very basics and then illustrate the need for a private domain name. Most of you might be aware that the internet domains are actually IP addresses. It is tough to remember all the IP addresses. For instance, the IP address of www.google.com is Now tell me, which one among these is easy to remember – the google.com part or the numerals. Naturally, you will be more inclined to the domain name. After all, who has the time to sit and memorize all the IP addresses? Do you realize the importance of a custom domain name?

By registering a domain name, you are doing more good to the visitors. Instead of learning complex IP addresses, they just have to remember the domain name. If they are aware of your domain name, they can easily input the same on their internet browser to view your website. This is the primary reason to own a domain name. Secondly, let us consider that your existing web hosting provider is charging exorbitantly for maintaining your website. You can easily shift to another web hosting provider without the knowledge of the visitors! In simpler terms, the minions who will be flocking on your website are not going to be aware of the under currents. Give it some thought and you will realize the feasibility of the same.

Thirdly, you will be able to carve a unique space for yourself in the cyberspace. It is perfectly normal for a homemaker to start blogging with one of the free domain name providers. The situation does not seem perfect if you are a budding entrepreneur. Your domain name should reflect the name of the parent company. Only then, you will be able to attract newer clients. High level clients will always look out for such fine features before discussing business.

Finally, you can even make extra money by owning a domain name. For instance, if you are into blogging, you can always submit your domain to advertising networks. Contextual pay-per-click advertising networks will pay handsomely and in fact, many bloggers are making extra sums every month through these networks. Advertisements will be displayed on the various web pages, and if you are diligent enough, you can tweak the website to be search engine friendly. Such a portal can attract lots of internet traffic, and you can expect regular payments from several advertising networks. Please be warned – do not cram the entire website with various adverts. That would be a major turn off for most of the visitors.

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