The Importance of a Domain’s Age

Are you trying hard to increase the search engine friendly nature of your website? Have you ever thought about the age of your website? How does it affect the search result relevancy? The niche of search engine optimization is highly volatile. Newer trends keep on emerging and the domain’s age is a primary factor, which will determine the effectiveness of your time spent on tweaking and optimizing the website. No matter how hard you may try to fine-tune your website, you will have to acknowledge the age of the domain in order to make a website more receptive to search engines.

Old ManSearch engine companies tweak the relevancy algorithm periodically. Now they are trying to incorporate the human element into the paradigm. For instance, we will consider a real life scenario. If you wish to purchase an expensive electronic gadget, you will always procure the same from a trusted showroom that has been in operation for many years. The nature of trust that plays into this simple situation is highly relevant. Even if the product of your liking is slightly expensive, you will be willing to shell out a couple of extra dollars.

Search engines employ the same sentiments these days to rank a website. The greater the age of the domain, the better are the chances of it occupying the top spots on search results. This is highly significant because literally anyone can create a website within minutes these days. If they are aware of the SEO paradigms, then they can occupy the feasible spots on the search results. It is originally unfair and in order to uphold the integrity of these results, the search engines give ample priority to the domain’s age.

There are special software tools that churn out hundreds of spam websites in a couple of hours. Imagine someone tweaking all these portals by including link building and other forms of SEO promotional schemes. The search engines also take into account the duration of the domain name registration. Spammers often register their spam websites for shorter durations such as three or six months. Serious business users will register their websites for longer time spans because it turns out to be highly feasible for them (in terms of cash savings). Google’s Jagger Update played spoilsport for many so-called SEO professionals who were prying on such ulterior manners to promote their network of websites. If you look at our domain name, even though it’s still very young, it’s registered for years in advance, and thus wins some authority.

If you plan to build a website, it is wiser to register the domain name as soon as viable. Time waits for no one, and if you keep on hesitating (thinking about the exact name of the domain), you are the one who is going to pay heavily for the same eventually. It is not necessary to have a fresh start – you can look out for older domains that are being auctioned online regularly. It can be tough to find the exact age of a domain. However, with the help of advanced web tools, one can easily find such information within minutes. You must have a good notion about the age of other websites that operate on the same business model if you wish to supersede them.

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