Photoshop Tutorial #11: Getting Creative with Your Pictures

In order to improvise the image you will need to learn Adobe Photoshop version. Cutting and painting the image is just not enough to enhance your image with clarity. Adobe Photoshop is powerful software, very user friendly and will enhance our knowledge and skill to a large extent. Photoshop software tool is the best tool for first time users and gives a professional touch to your image.

Below are the functions which are required in order to understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop –

Pixelate Function: – Towards the top of the screen on your window there is Filter section in Tool Menu bar. In Filter Category, there are several options. You can proceed further by playing with your image via Pixelate Function. Pixelate Function allows one to modify the image and blend them into various Artistic styles. It is very difficult to make a mosaic painting all by our self with our own hands. But, with the help of the Pixelate function, it is just the matter of one Click and it is done. We can pick up any image saved on our computer and change to a completely different image by just clicking on mosaic and pixelate function of Photoshop.

There are various other artistic styles under Pixelate Function –

  • Crystallize
  • Fragment
  • Facet
  • Color halftone
  • Pointillize
  • Mezzotint

Getting rid of Blemishes – Most people are afraid of taking their photo in a close range as they don’t want their acne, scars, and marks and so on to be too visible in their photo. Photoshop will certainly wipe off such worries by most people. The most easygoing and basic strategy is to use the function of blur. The blur function exists in filter section. Select the region that can be used to fade away and keep on clicking this blur function. The same can be done by clicking on blur function or pressing control F until it is properly useable. Blurring the area will be noticeable if the area is just too big. But small dots on face can easily become invisible.

The Significance of Layers – Layering is very important to enhance the image. One can learn the techniques of How and why simply through Photoshop. The old version of the Photoshop highlighted on application of Layer opacity that impacted on the layers of the image. Layer opacity is somewhat complicated but once learnt it is user-friendly in Photoshop. Just by using fill opacity, the layer specified will get impacted on changes being made. Rest Layers will remain the same.

Photoshop is magical indeed. Just take an example of an image that you have; the cow in a green color garden based background. If you just need the outline of the cow it’s just too simple with the help of Photoshop. Photoshop acts as a magical wand by just clicking on the outline of the image. Practice until you succeed with Photoshop in order to master it.