Importance of Content in SEO

There have been a number of discussions on what should be considered the most important aspect of SEO. After hours of arguing, the answer is in. The most important part of SEO is the content, because search engines can’t see pictures, so you need to provide detailed information of your website in text form. Often time’s individuals worry more about the overall look of their website. They do this so much so that when it comes down to the content, they don’t put in enough time.

Yes, the look of your website is important because you don’t want a dull website, however the content is what will engage the reader and keep their attention. Content for your web site should be the first thing that you do when optimizing it. You need to get the information into the search engine so that your page can get a ranking, and obviously the higher ranking the better. Let me say this now, original content is much better in the long run and will get you the high rankings that you want for your website.

Obtaining high quality SEO content is accomplished when you write content that engages the reader and keeps them interested. This is something that all content writers really should aim for. Always add new content regularly because this helps to boost your site as well. Target your keyword phrase through the article, but don’t make it the main focus. Keep the overall percentage at between three and five percent. This will give the search engines the idea that your website is relevant without them penalizing you for keyword stuffing.

If you want do the Search Engine Optimization for your website, here are some recommended tips to follow.

Use headlines in your content as much as possible. Because they are rated more important when it comes to SEO, using a variety of different headlines can help with SEO. While making headlines, try to incorporate the keywords in it as well.

All pages within your web site should be equipped with both a title and description tag. You should target you main keyword, as well as secondary keywords within these tags. Try to keep it short and to the point.

Avoid using flash because search engines can’t read it. Adding extra non pertinent content is simply a waste of time.

When it comes down to the graphics that you will use on your webpage, use the alt tag so that they can be read by search engines. Add your main keyword, and even rename the picture “keyword.gif”.

There are several things that you should avoid such as frames and complex tables. These hinder the search robots from reading through your page and figuring out where to rank you.

Short and simple is best when it comes to the navigation bar. Don’t add multiple pages that have no purpose nor place.

Taking all these tips into account well get you well on your way to the top of the rankings.