Is unlimited bandwidth just a web hosting myth?

There are many different myths floating around the internet about free and unlimited offers. When it comes to web hosting, there are quite a few companies that offer unlimited bandwidth for a low monthly price. This guarantee, accompanied by unlimited space and domains cannot possibly be real, could it? Looking further into the web hosting small print, the truth will finally come out.

In the highly competitive web hosting market, companies have to use whatever means they have to grab customers. The current trend has pushed these web host companies to offer unlimited everything. People that this as they see it. Unlimited means as much as we want when we want it right? Unfortunately this is not the case. Everything that is offered with a unlimited icon has a point where it is no longer allowed. It is easy to understand why they can’t allow true unlimited bandwidth for such a low price.

bandwithIf the web hosts were to remove the caps put on each user on a server, than a single user could use up all the CPU power and bandwidth on themselves, and cause all other uses on the server to crash. This is a huge risk, especially with the other guarantee of 99.9% uptime. To counteract this inevitable outcome, web hosts have given a generous amount of bandwidth, but they still keep it in perspective. This is a business, and it is impossible to make a profit when someone tries to extort your service.

Other claims, such as the unlimited domain hosting only add to undercut the unlimited bandwidth. Up until a certain point, the amount of sites you host won’t take up too much bandwidth. When you begin to host dozens to hundreds of different web sites, there is no way your cheap web hosting plan can suffice. Eventually, each site will take up enough bandwidth to put you over your designated cap. At that point, all of your sites could experience downtime. This can be a huge problem, especially when a large number of your sites are hosted on the same server.

All of these things come down to common sense. There would be no need for larger plans if the cheaper plans were truly unlimited. With an uncapped populous of users that continuously grow their usage, the only choice left is to force upgrades. Next time you are conned into believing everything that is advertised, look into the fine print. Normally the usage rights are listed out clearly so that users have no way to complain they were misled.

Unfortunately for most people, they overlook these simple laid out rules of use. Next time you are asked to agree to terms of service, remember to read through most of it to see what you are agreeing to. If you fail to do this before purchasing, there is nothing left for you to do when you unexpectedly get capped. Use common sense, read everything before signing, and know your limits. Following these rules will ensure you are never mystified by the cunning offers in front of you.

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