How does my Web Hosting affect my Search Engine Rankings?

Often, webmasters do not understand or do not realize the connection between web hosting and search engine rankings. And it may seem normal or widespread to discount the correlation but in reality, it is also disastrous. If you want to make the most out of your online endeavor, you need to understand that the actions of external companies directly affect your search engine rankings. And although you may say that you have no control over other people’s behavior, you have more control than you think, and must react accordingly in order to assure your earnings and prevent your income from slipping through the cracks.

statisticsUnquestionably, there are many excellent hosts around the world. But for every honest one, there are infinitely more dishonest companies just trying to make a buck. Their intention is not one of support to its clients but rather, how many clients they can get on the same server. Quantity means money to them. But as they make their monthly fees from you and hundreds others like you, your sales commissions are flying out the window like the heat in your house through a drafty door.

Specifically, you are losing traffic and sales because your positions in the search engines are not where they are supposed to be. And this is a difficult concept to grapple because you cannot quantify what you have lost or how you lost it. You just intuitively know that your web hosting has affected your search engine rankings.

One of the ways in which your web hosting affects search engine rankings is the downtime. Have you ever checked your websites during the night? Are they live or are they so slow, they may as well be down? This is common. If you cannot access your websites, then neither can the search engines. And if the search engines cannot crawl through your site, they have no idea what you are offering. So when it comes time to return results for a particular phrase, you will not be listed in those results.

Moreover, it is highly likely that if the search engine spider comes along too many times and your site is not live, they are just going to remove your site from the database. This means that you may have to request “reinclusion” which is not a pleasant feeling nor a quick process. Effectively, you will be penalized for having nothing on that domain.

Then there is the problem with your content. If your site is down or too slow to access, no-one benefits from your fresh material. In fact, you have wasted your money and time writing that content or hiring a writer, uploading that material, and adding affiliate links. And that brings us to another point, a little off topic, but along the same lines. With no clicks on their affiliate links, the programs are going to terminate you for inactivity.

Most importantly, if your host allows users to frequently spam with their email marketing, upload malicious code or scripts, run bad communities, or post illegal content, you will be affected. Your website will be lumped in with the trouble sites when other sites start banning IP addresses. Not only will the search engines not have anything to do with you, but anyone who uploads banned lists to their servers, is not going to do business with you.

Although this was a very brief introductory, you can see now how damaging your webhost can be to your search engine rankings.

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