The Biggest Link Building Mistakes

link buildingIf you are searching for effective website marketing strategies, you must be aware of the importance of link building by now. What exactly is link building? It is the art of placing your website’s link on another high traffic website. A portion of the latter’s web-traffic might flow into your website – thus increasing the search engine relevance and popularity of your website among the cyber citizens.

Yes, the administrators operating either websites will concur to display inbound / outbound links. The simplified nature of the ordeal paves the way for some of the biggest blunders. The errors that creep into the scenario will nullify the very grandness of link building paradigm.

Not making these mistakes is one of the best Search Engine Optimization Tips we can give you:

  • The attributes of quality web link – A common misconception among SEO professionals is to ignore the presence of quality web links. Search engines have an affinity towards high traffic websites. The number of unique hits will increase the page ranking of a portal. Do not emphasize on the quantity of web links; instead stress on the quality of links displayed. In fact, search engines might even penalize you for displaying low quality web links. There is no easier way to execute link building other than productive social networking.
  • Failure to use the most appropriate anchor text – Submitting brief compositions along with suitable links to article submission services or web directories has become one of the norms of link building these days. However, many professionals fail to recognize the true vantages of using a fitting anchor text. The text must include search engine friendly keywords. A common practice is to blatantly list out the website link. For instance, if you are trying to promote a website that deals with lawsuit settlement, use keywords such as “lawsuit settlement amounts” or “help settling lawsuits” on the anchor text. The description provided in this section must also clearly define the purpose.
  • Placing links of the home page ONLY – The website which you are intent on promoting might have many pages and sub pages. Instead of following the conventional practices, it makes sense to link to other pages (than the homepage) that might contain search engine friendly keywords and content. Include interesting snippets to keep the first time visitors hooked up with the website. It is tough to predict the browsing habits of cyber citizens. However, if the content is appealing, then they might consider spending more time on the website. This works out to be highly beneficial for you.
  • Do not forget to link out – It is pointless to state that search engines love this feature (because they do). The internet is a meshwork of websites that have high, mediocre and low page ranking. A website with PR0 might have a PR5 tomorrow. It is not easy to predict the exact manner these factors turn out to be. Although paid link building services might work out wonders, it is wiser to follow the conventional tried and tested procedures. You might never know when Google or any other search engine giant decides to play spoilsport!

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