Ray Dalio’s principles for success in 30 minutes

This has to be one of the most important YouTube video’s ever. The great Ray Dalio talks about his eight principles for success, and he does it in a way everyone with half a brain will either understand or at least get a nudge in the right direction.

Let’s start by watching the video:

This mindset. This way of looking at life and trying to identify opportunities and risks is vital in business and in your personal life. In the words of my friend Quinten, who is one of the most succesful people I know, “it’s all about trying to find the truth in life”. Ray Dalio seems to agree with Quinten, or the other way around.

I hope sharing this video helps one or two of you actually make a change in their life. Identify what is important to them and take the actions needed to achieve their success – however they want to define it. Whether it’s in business, in your personal life or in your studies – knowing what your own goals are, identifying your weaknesses and strengths and working towards them is the key.

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