A detailed guide on how to use Ahrefs

We use Ahrefs for most of our link profile analysis and domain buying needs – but we’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have a hard time using it to the fullest. We get that, since it’s not at all a simple tool if you start actually digging deeper than just clicking the domain overview button. It also has some cool keyword research tools if you use the Ahrefs platform correctly.

The main thing Ahrefs is huge for is competitor research. Chase really walks you down the process of doing competitor research in Ahrefs, and I honestly think he does a great job talking about the details and the strengths of the software. If you want to download the tools Chase talks about you can find these here.

We were sent this video by Bart from Antwerpen SEO; and he added the following message to pass along:

If you’re still on the fence about spending $180 a month for an SEO tool, this video really helps you pull the trigger. It’s by far the best marketing tool Ahrefs can imagine.

We agree. We use the “Broken Links” feature a lot to spot issues with people linking to both our site and our competitor’s sites. Another great feature on Ahrefs.

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