Using Fonts In HTML

In the initial years of Web, there were words and no typefaces. There was only one typographic constant and that was Times New Roman and this was available in Windows and Times on the Mac system. However, the user was not in a full control of the fonts unless the texts or the images are sent to the machine in a proper format.

After there was a Web revolution and the distribution of information was ascertained, there were only text based mediums. At that time, the authors and the designers have no control of the text but sitting on the browser they can add video and audio files. Then the <font face> tag was introduced in HTML, which allow the designers for specifying the fonts that the browser will display. In real sense, the fonts specify few typefaces especially the one that is on the viewer’s computer.

The <font> tag in HTML is deprecated and in the near future it is supposed to get removed from the future version of HTML. Even now lot of people is using the tag <font> but advanced coders are preferring styles. With HTML codes you can specify the size and the type of the browser output. Follow the given syntax:

<p><font size="2" face="Verdana">This is a paragraph.</font></p>       
<p><font size="3" face="Times">This is another paragraph.</font></p>

There is a specific list of the font attributes and they are the most commonly used while HTML coding.

Attribute Example Purpose
size=”number” size=”2″ Defines the font size
size=”+number” size=”+1″ Increases the font size
size=”-number” size=”-1″ Decreases the font size
face=”face-name” face=”Times” Defines the font-name
color=”color-value” color=”#eeff00″ Defines the font color
color=”color-name” color=”red” Defines the font color

However, there are some specifications about some <font> tags that should not be used. The <font> tag is deprecated with the latest versions of HTML like HTML4 and XHTML. This is the reason that the World Wide Consortium has removed the tag <font> from the recommendation list. However, in the any future version of HTML, the style sheets can be used for defining the layout and for displaying all the necessary properties of HTML elements. In spite of all restrictions of W3C is used an addictive drug of HTML. Using <Font> is supposed to be the coolest HTML tags because with this you can set the sizes, the colors and the faces of the fonts of the web page and they all can be done with <Font>

If you have uploaded your webpage with billion <Font>, there is a possibility that you will be facing the errors. You will have to use the font repeatedly and that will be the display you want. It won’t be working normally unless you have put in the <Font> in every cell. If you are able to change the appearance of the fonts in the page then you will have to change all single <Fonts> tag. Therefore, although the <font> is now considered obsolete but still they are in use and experience coders like to work on this tag while setting the fonts of the website.