The best sites to find freelancers to help you

When you decide that you need or want help with writing articles, submitting links, modifying your design or layout, writing a script, an online marketing consultant or to carry out a specific function, or any other duty that you find troublesome, there are plenty of freelancers around the world to help. And, they are easy to find if you know the right places to go. Since this write-up is just a brief summary, let’s look at EIGHT places that are among the best sites to find freelancers to help you.

freelancerThe first type of sites are gateways where webmasters and freelancers interact. Web owners or employers submit their project specs with maximum budgets, and then the freelancers bid on the projects. Once a person is chosen by the webmaster, the project is closed to other bidders. The freelancer completes the assignment and the webmaster pays. Then each leave comments on the website about the other. If the project is rather large costing a lot of money, then some type of escrow may be used.

Elance was probably the very first major portal bringing webmasters and freelancers together. Started in 1999 by two professors, after having written an article in the Harvard Business Review, Elance was a product of the new economy where corporations could find cheaper employees quickly and hire them to do specific duties. Once the project was complete, so was the association. Today, Elance is still large, but it has become very expensive to use, both in labor rates per hour and user fees.

ScriptLance and RentACoder were the next two oldest and are well-known. The sites started with projects for programming and coding but quickly evolved into all types of assignments. The great thing about these two sites is labor can be very cheap in price and excellent in quality.

oDesk, meaning “no desk” because the worker is virtual, is the next in terms of age, but the concept is different. Employers place projects for bidding, but freelancers are pre-screened. In order to become a contractor, the site requires the potential worker to go through a series of tests to determine competency. Once approved, they can make a profile and bid on jobs. The other thing that is drastically different is, although the workers are freelancers, they are still monitored. The site takes “screen shots” of their computers, web cams are available, and their keystrokes are logged.

GetAFreelancer, also known just as Freelancer works along the same lines as the other portals. It, too, has become very popular and workers can be found to complete projects very inexpensively.

The second group of sites where you can find freelancers is on forums. These sites have sections where you can post your project and wait for responses or you can buy from sellers who have posted their services. These are not bidding sites per se, although you can ask potential workers to give their “best price” when quoting their services.

SitePoint is quite old and popular. But because of all the fraud and spam, the site moved to a “paid” type of service. To list a project, there is a small fee. The forum is still free to use and you can search upon registering. And they do have plenty of “how-to” articles which can help you.

DigitalPoint is probably now the biggest forum where people meet others to find work and complete projects. But you really must be careful of the scam artists. There are plenty of good people on the site, however, so be sure to check people out before sending any money.

WarriorForum is a good site to find freelancers, too. Although quite a bit smaller than other forums, you can search through the services and see if someone has something to offer you.

As you can see, there are a wide range of sites available to find freelancers to help you.

What Is Web Hosting Uptime And What Does It Mean For You

If you are new to web hosting, it is likely you are being overwhelmed with tips on what to look for. Some of the main things that are covered are the bandwidth available from the web hosting company, as well as it’s memory limit. Some people will see unlimited bandwidth and memory and think that they found the mother load. Although these are important aspects to look into before purchasing web hosting, they are not the only things to consider. Uptime is a very important requirement that cannot be overlooked for the sake of your long term business.

Dedicated webhostingIf you are unfamiliar with the term, uptime is the amount of time your server is on and active. Basically, your web site is up and able to be accessed almost all the time. As you peruse through the many different web hosting packages out there, take into account the uptime guarantee they are offering. If they are a legitimate company, they will advertise a very high percentage for uptime. With so many high guarantees, it would be unwise to go with any web host that does not guarantee at least a 99.9% uptime.

Why do we need such a high percentage of uptime? That is a simple question to answer. Anytime that your web site is down from the web, you are missing out on possible customers. Downtime, the time when your web site cannot be accessed, should be limited to as rarely as possible. These guarantees become important when your site begins to get an increase in traffic. While these are the best times for your web site, it can also be the most vulnerable for your server. Sharing the server with other users give it the necessity to cap your bandwidth and memory at a certain point. Keeping your website up while notifying your about the issue is something most web hosts will do in an attempt to still uphold their guarantee while letting you know you’re walking a thin line.

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Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting Explained

Web hosting is the means by which a webmaster publishes her information on the internet. Lots of computers called servers are kept in large rooms called data centers, and are all connected to the internet lines, ready to distribute content to the world wide web in the form of your website.

For many people, a simple web hosting account is enough to manage their website. They pay a couple dollars per month per domain name and the hosting company gives them a tiny piece of the server. Their account will have limits in terms of disk space available for storing the files, and bandwidth used (uploading to server and visitor usage of site). The customer will have a password to access the account and be able to see their website stats, current files, and maybe have the capability of editing files right on the server.

The next step for individuals with many domain names is a reseller account. This generally allows you to add as many domains as you own with limited disk space and bandwidth allotments. The beauty of these types of accounts is everything is conveniently in one place, plus they are very inexpensive. It is much cheaper to have a reseller account than pay per domain for hosting. And of course, you can keep the whole account for yourself. Just because it is called reseller does not mean you have to allow others to host on your account.

webhostingAll of the single hosting accounts and reseller accounts are on the same servers which is called a shared situation. There could literally be hundreds or thousands of domains on one server. The real danger here is your site is affected by all these other domains. If one person decides to install a malicious script, your site is going down with everyone else. If one person decides to use all the resources to spam email addresses, you will suffer. Hosting companies usually terminate their relationships with these people but the damage has already been done.

Once a business becomes too big for the first two types of web hosting accounts, webmasters might move into a semi-dedicated situation. This is where two or four people share the same server. Each is partitioned one-half or one-quarter of the resources. Some hosting companies will manage everything for you including setting up your databases, email addresses, adding domain names, and writing htaccess files. Other companies require you to manage your own section through server management software. The key here is to compare all the services in different packages to determine what you need. Do not make a decision based on price alone, but rather, what services that price includes.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a system where one server is partitioned into several virtual servers. It is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS).

Lastly, having reached a traffic threshold where you require your own server, hosting companies offer dedicated servers. You are the only person using the server and all resources are allocated to your sites. Usually the hosting company owns the server and leases it to you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Depending on the contract you sign with the host, you might be responsible for your own management or they might offer managed servers. Normally the host is responsible for any hardware problems, but if you manage your server, you are responsible for any software and technical issues, at which point you may be required to hire someone to help you.

One more scenario does exist and this is where you buy your own computer and send it to the host to reside in their datacenter. You might just pay the datacenter for housing the server or you may also make a deal where the hosting company will manage it for you.

A detailed guide on how to use Ahrefs

We use Ahrefs for most of our link profile analysis and domain buying needs – but we’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have a hard time using it to the fullest. We get that, since it’s not at all a simple tool if you start actually digging deeper than just clicking the domain overview button. It also has some cool keyword research tools if you use the Ahrefs platform correctly.

The main thing Ahrefs is huge for is competitor research. Chase really walks you down the process of doing competitor research in Ahrefs, and I honestly think he does a great job talking about the details and the strengths of the software. If you want to download the tools Chase talks about you can find these here.

We were sent this video by Bart from Antwerpen SEO; and he added the following message to pass along:

If you’re still on the fence about spending $180 a month for an SEO tool, this video really helps you pull the trigger. It’s by far the best marketing tool Ahrefs can imagine.

We agree. We use the “Broken Links” feature a lot to spot issues with people linking to both our site and our competitor’s sites. Another great feature on Ahrefs.

Common Pitfalls for Online Entrepreneurs

Online entrepreneurs are generally full of great ideas and have plenty of ambition. But those enthusiastic traits are quickly doused as the reality of the online world comes knocking. Despite the hyped-up ads you see all over the place regaling the rags-to-riches stories of so-called online millionaires, the raw truth is that online work is hard. Making that first dollar can seem like a long and unsurmountable task because eighty hours of work per week does not always mean a pay check on Friday.

Common PitfallsAlthough this website is meant to help you and give you the confidence to start and continue your online business, it is also important for us to show you the common pitfalls for online entrepreneurs. Being aware of some of the real issues can only make you a better webmaster and brace you for what lays ahead.

Common Pitfall #1 – Giving up too early

After working long hours at installing a script, writing some content, making a design, and promoting the site, it does get tedious especially when barely a few pennies come in. No-one can fault you for being discouraged and wanting to quit. But you must remember that once you find the right recipe for your site, the growth comes faster. The key is to stick with it because you are laying a foundation. So tomorrow morning when you feel dejected and unmotivated, get yourself out of bed and continue with your to-do list because you are making progress.

Common Pitfall #2 – Depression sets in with no earnings

Nobody wants to feel like a failure and because we see our personal worth in terms of how much money we earn, this attitude can be hugely detrimental to an online entrepreneur. You need to understand that money does not come instantly in this business. Making the first hundred dollars consistently for six months in a row will be an arduous task.

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How to Choose a Web Design Company

Choosing a web design company is not easy as you reckon. You must consider several aspects before bestowing orders to a design company. You must also have a clear notion of your requirements – creating a corporate website is extremely different from setting up a blogging platform for everyday use. Therefore, what are the factors that one must acknowledge? The answer to that simple query lies in the succeeding sections of this composition!

webdesign businessYou have to understand that the options are unlimited when it comes to selecting the best web design company. For instance, diligent freelance programmers are available who will set up a professional looking (and functioning) websites within hours. They have access to countless kinds of web technologies and by utilizing them in an appropriate manner, they can come up with revolutionary web designs that can challenge the very existence of some of the reputed players in this niche. On the other hand, you will have to be very meticulous while selecting the right candidate. Certain freelance programmers might be incompetent to design the website according to your requirements. Anyway, you can always try your luck in that particular niche before venturing out to seek assistance from established web design companies, but beware: don’t go for the cheap web design service companies – 90% of them suck!

It is understood that you require a fully functioning website. However, it does not necessarily mean that building a website should make a significant chink on your bank account. Several web design companies might hold brilliant in-house website designers. Nevertheless, the charges imposed by them might not be feasible. Discard the feeling that premium productivity always comes with a price tag. Unbelievably if you are willing to spend some time with the countless CMS platforms that are on existence on this day, then you too can start creating and designing websites. The fact is that we do not have ample free time for such activities and hence, we seek the help of web design outsourcing companies.

Any average internet user will be fully aware of the importance of search engine friendly design of websites, such as optimizing the alt tag for search engine optimization. These companies use bots to “crawl” the entire internet. The bots look out for friendly web pages and depending upon the average traffic to that website (along with various other web design factors), it will place the web page at a higher ranking. The towering the ranking of your website, the better it will turn out to be. Increased page ranking of your website will augment the possibility of meeting newer prospective clients.

Avoid the web design companies that display arrogant customer service. Yes, success goes into the heads of certain companies, and they will start treating their customers shabbily. You must never submit website orders to these companies. In fact, some of the lesser-known companies might sport helpful service agents who will be willing to answer any kind of queries put forward to them. Ask around and you will be able to find some of them. The design company must also keep you informed about the estimated time of completion of the project.

Getting Business Funding for a new Online Business

Many people dream of starting an online business and going to work for themselves. It is certainly possible to start an online business, but creating a successful one is another matter. Anybody can start an online business but most will fail because they fail to treat it like a business. Part of treating your online business like a business is making sure that you have adequate funding. Although you can start a an online business with very little money it is a lot easier if you have a source of funds. Fortunatly there are plenty of options to get funding for a new online business.

Business Funding

The source most people use when they are starting an online business is the bank. Banks lend money and most people have experience of borrowing from a bank, however borrowing to start a business is different than borrowing for personal purposes. When you want to take out a business loan you will normally need to submit a business plan. This tells the bank how you plan to make money, how much money you expect to make and how long you expect it to be before you start making money. A good business plan is critical to getting a loan so you need to make sure that yours is well written, there is plenty of information on the internet on how to write up a business plan. Getting a loan for an online business can be tricky because unlike a traditional business there are few physical assets to secure the loan. On the other hand because online businesses can usually be started without a large initial investment that may work in your favour.

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How to correctly embed a YouTube video in your site

This is a pretty good resource by tipswithpunch. He runs you through the details of embedding a YouTube video in your HTML in the right way. It’s easy, simple – but mainly; it’s important you do it correctly to make it display in a good way on your site for all your visitors; whether they are using a browser or a mobile phone!

The Biggest Link Building Mistakes

link buildingIf you are searching for effective website marketing strategies, you must be aware of the importance of link building by now. What exactly is link building? It is the art of placing your website’s link on another high traffic website. A portion of the latter’s web-traffic might flow into your website – thus increasing the search engine relevance and popularity of your website among the cyber citizens.

Yes, the administrators operating either websites will concur to display inbound / outbound links. The simplified nature of the ordeal paves the way for some of the biggest blunders. The errors that creep into the scenario will nullify the very grandness of link building paradigm.

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The Importance of a Sitemap

Web marketing professionals always look out for additional strategies to optimize the page rankings of their websites. These days, they spend considerable time trying to find out tips to tweak the website’s sitemap. The grandness of a portal’s sitemap along with fresh advice on how to optimize a website to make it search engine friendly will be discussed in the following sections. SEO or search engine optimization of a website is all about experimentation. Experts spend hours trying out various newer strategies because of the volatility of the market. Hence, it is mandatory that you must have a good understanding about the sitemap of a website.

SitemapWebmasters place the sitemap on the homepage of the website. There is a specific reason for doing so. A search engine gives priority to rate the homepage instead of the auxiliary pages. By placing the sitemap on the homepage, you are literally inviting the search engine bots to look into the other sub-sections of the website. In order to display your website in the search results, the web search engines will analyze your web page using specialized bots. In the absence of sitemap, the search engine bots will index the homepage only.

A sitemap can be beneficial to the website’s visitors also. By accessing this section, they will get a preview of the links present in the website. Instead of spending extra time and bandwidth seeking for specific information, they just need to access the sitemap and click on the right links. The search engine companies are working on newer algorithms that simplify the entire website indexing process. They are incorporating supplementary features, which helps in rating a website according to its “human friendly” nature. SEO professionals are already aware of these changes. They are including suitable modifications to the sitemap of the website to make it friendly to search engines and cyber citizens.

Various search engines reckon the sitemap of a website in diverse manners. For instance, when Yahoo still follows the conventional HTML formats, Google employs a modified sitemap structure (which is in XML format). I could go on and on depicting the importance of sitemaps. The bottom line remains the same, though. If you wish to increase the page rankings of a website while embracing an organized outlook then you must begin to consider sitemaps with reverence. When the famous Las Vegas SEO Experts give on-site SEO tips, a sitemap is often their first pointer!

Creating sitemap for a website is easy thanks to the presence of automated software solutions. One can easily create a Google sitemap online within minutes. HTML and XML sitemap generators are also available for the respective search engines. Cyber citizens are becoming tech savvy – they wish to learn in depth about your website swiftly. In other terms, by optimizing the sitemap, you are merely augmenting the ability to communicate easily with the visitors. They need to know the theme or motif of the website. Only a sitemap can help in conveying the same to them. An organized sitemap will find favor in the eyes of search engines too. Please keep us posted with your findings!