Ranking In Country Specific Search Engines

Have you ever considered how search engines are able to display the most relevant results? An Indian searching for personal injury lawyers is interested in learning about prominent attorneys in India. Imagine the scenario when Google displays the contact details of an American lawyer to an Indian user! In simple terms, search engines incorporate advanced algorithms that display results that are highly relevant to a country or a particular region. In the subsequent sections, we will consider the same comprehensively.

flagsIn order to obtain a good ranking in the country specific search engines, you will have to consider certain strategies. You must always consider the country where you are planning to host the website. For example, if you wish to promote a service in America, please ensure that an American company that has servers in USA does the web hosting. If you tweak the website in an optimum manner, then the search engine rankings will increase within no time. Many webmasters fail to grasp this concept and wonder what went wrong! Because we’re active in Belgium, we are experts on the subject. Many of our sites, like our wine site, rank in both Belgium and The Netherlands with different pages.

How does a search engine determine the country of an internet user? Every cyber citizen will have a unique IP address. This IP address is relevant to an ISP (internet service provider). Search engines will determine the ISP and will subsequently display country specific search results. The same company will employ another strategy too to determine the precise location of a user. The domain name plays a significant role in deciding the appropriate location. For instance, the websites hosted in the United Kingdom will have a co.uk domain name. Similarly, those websites hosted in China will have co.cn domain attributes. If you wish to entertain the interests of the Chinese, please opt for a co.cn domain and a web hosting company that has servers in China.

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How to Avoid Duplicate Content on WordPress Sites

CopierAs we stated in a previous article, duplicate content on the same website is a no-no when building websites. The problem is that many blog themes, and especially WordPress sites, are rife with features that cause duplicate content. Modifying the themes before publishing and choosing themes that recognize duplicate content are solutions to the problem. But how do you know what modifications are needed? To help you, we have created a list of the most obvious ways to know how to avoid duplicate on wordpress sites.

Excerpt vs. Content on Homepage

Some people prefer reading new posts on the homepage. They do not want to bother with clicking on links to get to the rest of the story. Sometimes, however, this can cause problems by creating duplicate content. For example, if you publish your posts in their entirety on the homepage, when users go to the actual post page, the same content exists. This is duplicate content because you see the same article on more than one page. To circumvent this, instead of using the “content” tag in the index.php file, you would use the “excerpt” tag. This means that the home page will show a summary of the posts, and the actual post page will show the complete posts.

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